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COVID-19 – 20 March Update 1

19 March 2020 by

Dear Parent and Guardians,

The intent behind this update is to share with you how you can help your son/daughter in the event of school closure.

Firstly, your son/daughter received a document titled Preparing for a school closure: Student Guide (linked). In an extended homeroom period yesterday morning, teachers unpacked its contents.

Here, too, a further document titled Preparing for a school closure: Community Guide (linked). Please work through this with you son/daughter in mind. Given this information, you will be in a position to clarify questions and address any concerns for your son/daughter, so they understand what is required for them to be able to continue their learning at home, as well as how to seek support, if it is needed.

We will endeavour to keep you informed.

Kind regards,
Rory Kennedy

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