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COVID-19 – 17 March Update 1

17 March 2020 by

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As of Monday 16 March at 5.30pm, the current advice from CECV to our College community is that all schools remain open and operating in their current form.

For those concerned, I would refer you to the advice from Dr Brett Sutton, Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, that ‘pre-emptive school closures are not likely to be proportionate or effective as a public health intervention to prevent community transmission of COVID-19 at this time.’

MacKillop College is responding as directed by the CECV and have cancelled the following events:

17/03/2020        MacKillop Fun Run

17/03/2020        Music Ensemble Evening

17/03/2020        SACCSS Senior Cricket (Round 5)

17/03/2020        SACCSS Senior Netball (Round 5)

17/03/2020        Year 9 Outdoor Education

18/03/2020        Whole School Assembly

19/03/2020        Family Reconciliation Breakfast (Year 12)

19/03/2020        Year 10 Premier League (Semi Finals)

19/03/2020        Year 11 Outdoor Education

24/03/2020        SACCSS Swimming

24/03/2020        Year 9 Outdoor Education

25/03/2020        SACCSS Senior Cricket (Grand Final)

25/03/2020        SACCSS Senior Netball (Grand Final)

26/03/2020        Year 10 Premier League (Grand Final)


Please note, all excursions have also been cancelled until further notice.

Further cancellations, if required, will be shared with our community on an ongoing basis.

Rory Kennedy

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