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COVID-19 – 15 April Update 1

15 April 2020 by


Dear Parents and Guardians,


‘Remote Learning’ commenced at MacKillop College today.

This was a very different and challenging experience for our entire community, especially our students, parents/guardians and teachers. This type of operation is unprecedented in our history and, as such, all of us are still finding our way.

Our encounters as a College today tell us that, despite a few problems, we have had a great number of successes. Teachers have been able to practice their craft – albeit in a different environment. This has been due, in no small part, to the patience and willingness of all in the community to make the best of what is a rather unusual situation.

We thank you for your tolerance and understanding and ask that this supportive spirit continues over the coming weeks. Things may go wrong. Despite this, the only way forward is to continue working collaboratively and ‘keeping in our sights’ that this a three-way partnership between parents/guardians, students and the College staff.

We thank those who have communicated their wonderings and challenges to us. We have been able to assist in most situations. Communication will be the key to our success moving forward. Clear, open and respectful communication will ensure the best outcomes for all concerned.

As a reminder, if you or your sons/daughters are experiencing difficulty with any aspect of ‘remote learning’, the best person to contact is the subject teacher concerned. If there are other concerns, the best person to contact is their homeroom teacher. This can be done via email or by ringing the College and leaving a voice message. The respective teacher will get back to you as soon as they are able.

In the words of Mary MacKillop in 1890 ‘do all you can to assist and love one another’.


Kind regards,
Rory Kennedy

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