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COVID-19 – 10 July UPDATE 1

10 July 2020 by


Dear Parents and Guardians,


Welcome to Term 3 – another unusual term at the College and, importantly, in all of our lives.

We would remind all parents/guardians that as we return to the College it is imperative that, if your son/daughter is unwell, it is in the best interest of the entire community that you keep your son/daughter at home until they are well or have been tested and cleared of COVID-19.

Temperature Checks to be Introduced in Term 3
Following the advice of Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, students at MacKillop College will receive a temperature check every morning.

If your son/daughter presents at the College with a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or above, the College will contact parents/guardians to arrange for students to return home.

Parents/Guardians will then be encouraged to seek testing for COVID-19 or the advice of their healthcare professional who can recommend next steps.

Student Access to Lockers
While remote learning hasn’t been confirmed, if your son/daughter needs to access anything from their lockers e.g. text books, laptops etc. we ask that parents/guardians please contact the College Administration Office to arrange a time for when they can come into the College. This will ensure relevant staff are available to support the process.

When arriving at the College please proceed to the Administration Office rather than going straight to the relevant building.

With all due sensitivity to the current situation, it is important that the return to school this semester is as normal as possible. As such, in readiness for Semester 2, please support your son/daughter in adhering to College expectations with respect to wearing the school uniform correctly. Some of this includes being clean shaven, shirts tucked in, no visible under garments, hair neatly tied back, no visible jewellery with the exception of a wrist watch and plain studs or small sleeper earrings – one in each ear lobe etc. For those wearing the kilt, the appropriate length is below or at the knee, not above. We appreciate your support in this.

Cleaning of the College
Please also be aware that the enhanced cleaning of schools and the provision of personal hygiene supplies, including hand sanitiser, will continue as part of our normal practice.


Thank you for continuing to work with us to ensure the health and safety of the community of MacKillop College and a successful return to learning and teaching.


Kind regards,
Rory Kennedy

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