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Changes to PTV Timetables

04 June 2019 by

As of Monday 29 July 2019, the following school bus runs will be scheduled at 10 minutes earlier:

  • Riverdene 1 to MacKillop College – depart Hogans/Harmony Drive at 07:20
    (currently 07:30)
  • Manor Lakes to MacKillop College – depart Wyndham Vale station at 07:30
    (currently 07:40)
  • Double decker 190 from Wyndham Vale departing at 07:49 (currently 08:00) to
    Werribee station then depart Werribee station at 08:05 to MacKillop College

These changes are being implemented due to increased traffic congestion and the buses currently not arriving on time at Werribee Secondary. As such, the alterations to earlier start time was necessary.

The Riverdene and Manor Lakes artic buses are scheduled to arrive prior to 8am (07:50 & 07:55 respectively), as they are required to operate a Werribee Secondary service immediately after the MacKillop drop off.

Werribee Sth 1 & 2  have not been altered due to being DET runs.

Due to the contractual arrangements of four runs that are governed by the Department of Education and Training (DET) and Public Transport Victoria (PTV) under the School Bus Program, these services will not be adjusted in time for the 29 July 2019 timetable change. CDC Victoria is working with PTV to ensure that these will be adjusted by Term 4 2019.

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