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CHANGES: Parent Portal and P/T Interviews

19 February 2020 by

While the College is moving from eWorkspace/Parent Portal to SEQTA please take note of the following.

  1. Access to our eWorkspace Parent Portal has been permanently closed as of today. Your son’s/daughter’s past and future reports will be made available when we open ENGAGE (our new parent portal), early Term 2. If any parents require to access legacy reports prior to and including 2019 reports, please use the Contact Us page on our website with your inquiry.

Parent/Teacher interview emails have been sent out to all primary contacts (parents/guardians) with instructions as to how to log into the “PTO” software. We are using this software for 2020 interview bookings. During this time we will be investigating further options and a decision will be made later in the year as to how we will manage our booking system for Parent Teacher Interviews in the future.

As with any significant change process like this, our College will provide interim measures where needed, to ensure our community still has access to the information they require.

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