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CBCA Children’s Book Week 20th – 26th of August 2016

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Book Week is celebrated each year in mid to late August. This annual event highlights the importance of reading, and draws on the joy of stories and the creativity of Australian books.

The aim for Librarians during Book Week is to create an exciting environment that uses displays and activities that challenge and stimulate students to enjoy the year’s theme.


This year’s book theme is Australia: Story Country. If you want to know a person listen to their stories, if you want to know a nation listen to its people’s stories. Stories are part of a conversation that has been taking place since we first felt compelled to share ourselves.

Without stories the past would indeed be ‘history’; a series of dates and events with no cultural, social or psychological framework; it would not reverberate; it would have no human contect and it would risk being forgotten

Book Week 2016 is not just an acknowledgement of our nation’s history, but a celebration of the people who each have their own individual story.
Shortlisted Titles

The shortlisted book titles for older readers include:

  • The Flywheel by Erin Gough
  • The Pause by John Larkin
  • Freedom Ride by Sue Lawson
  • A Single Stone by Meg McKinlay
  • Inbetween Days by Vikki Wakefield
  • Cloudwish by Fiona Wood

For other shortlisted titles including Early Childhood, Younger Childhood, Information and Picture Books , visit the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s website.

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Library Activities

Library staff have been working on a display which will be presented in the foyer of The Sister Giovanni Administration Building throughout next week. There will be activities running throughout the Library, including: Suri’s Wall Matchbox Collage, Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas Piranha Sculpture, Mr Huff Soft Sculpture and The Cow Tripped Over the Moon Cow Launcher.

Students are encouraged to share their story and give them to the Library to display. Students will also be able to visit the JBC homepage and plot where their family originates from in our interactive map. There is also a bookmark competition with prizes to be won. Further information on the Bookmark competition can be found on posters throughout the school and the Library.

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