The Chapel Cross – ‘The Triumphant Christ’


‘Do Not Be Afraid I am With you’.

The sculpture depicts Christ as risen, Triumphant over Death. He stands before us transformed. His arms are generous in their pose…welcoming us, protecting us and calling us to place him at the center of our lives.

The wounds are shown as a reminder of Jesus’ great sacrifice for us and are a poignant
reminder to us that suffering is an essential part of our life and growth. The wounds invite us to meditate on this part of the Passion Story and our own stories.

The hands and feet have been slightly elongated for aesthetic purpose but also because these parts of the body enable us to act, to give, to bare witness while walking in Christ’s footsteps.

We do not concentrate on the agony of the crucifixion but on Christ, the man, the Son of God. The expression of the face endeavors to evoke compassion, mercy and above all forgiveness.

The sculpture is not static, it has the appearance of moving forward, a metaphor for our own lives.In the creation of this sculpture, we hope that the central spirit of the work is love in action.

As St Paul wrote “For we walk by faith, not by sight”.

Below are images of the original annotated concept \ designs by the artist, Chris Sage.


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