“The Source” Water Feature

Just outside the reflection space in the Chapel of St Mary of the Cross sits our water feature entitled ‘The Source’.

‘The Source’s’ flowing waters are a representation of God’s abundant life in us and reminds us that God is the ‘source’ of all life.  Surrounding the water feature are three ornamental olive trees.  Combined, the trees represent the Trinity:  The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Olive trees were specifically selected for this purpose as they are often represented in the Holy Scriptures and are the source of Chrism (holy oil).

The water feature itself is made up of seven corten steel steps each representing one of the seven sacraments.  Into each step the name of the sacrament is cut into the steel and this is highlighted with copper.

The key idea behind this water feature is that the seven sacraments come as gifts from God, represented here as the Trinity.

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