The Sacred Heart Gardens

Thirty-one standard roses have been planted across the front of the Chapel.  Each rose is in honour of one of the Sisters of St. Joseph who have selflessly served the MacKillop Community since the college was established in 1970.


Sisters of St Joseph

Our Sisters of St Joseph

        As Principal of MacKillop

1970-73 Sr. Giovanni Farquer
1974-79 Sr. Helen Reed
1980-81 Sr. Marie Hanger
1983-95 Sr. Giovanni Farquer


        Sisters of Saint Joseph of Sacred Heart

1970-71 Sr. Clare Schultz
1970-72 Sr. Diane Moore (Zita)
1971-72 Sr. Catherine Pierce
1972-74, 1983-90, 1997-02 Sr. Mary-Fran Coburn
1973 Sr. Petrus de Bont
1973-74 Sr. Therese Wolfe
1974-77, 1981-82 Sr. Patricia Robertson
1975-81 Sr. Joan Ryan
1975-77 Sr. Patricia Leahy
1978 Sr. Veronica Lonergan
1978-81 Sr. Martin Bolger
1978-80 Sr. Joyce Southern
1981-84, 1986-90 Sr. Philomena McGuigan
1983-93 Sr. Therese Quinn
1985-88 Sr. Annette Flockhardt
1986 Sr. Catherine Mead
1987 Sr. Annette Coulthardt
1988 Sr. Rita Malavisi
1988 Sr. Patricia Stone
1989-96, 1998-10 Sr. Carmel Crameri
1990-93 Sr. Lynette Young
1992-93 Sr. Cathy Dean
1995 Sr. Margaret Malady
1997 Sr. Teresa Shaw
1997- Sr. Geraldine Whelan
1999-01 Sr. Eileen Carr




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