The Cross of Life

The Cross of Life

The ‘Cross of Life’ sits in our drive way as a tangible sign of our Catholic Identity.  It acts as a beacon to our community and clearly articulates our heritage and beliefs.

The ‘Tree of Life’ image is a motif repeated from our Chapel of Saint Mary of the Cross.  The ‘Tree of Life’, in Catholic Christianity, represents humanity free from corruption and sin.  The tree first appeared as a potent symbol in Genesis as the source of eternal life in the Garden of Eden.  Over time many theologians, including Augustine of Hippo and Pope Benedict XVI have compared Christ to the tree of life.  The tree is a tangible symbol of death and resurrection that we can relate to.

Our ‘Cross of Life’ features stars and the Southern Cross at its top.  This is in reference to Our Lady of the Southern Cross’ – Mary the mother of Jesus and also firmly places this cross within the context of Australia and the broader cosmos.

At the base of the sculpture are symbols used by the first people of the local area (the Kulin people) that represent community and the flowing river of life.



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