In the beginning…

It was Bunjil the Great Creator Spirit who made the mountains, the rivers, the rocks and the stones and created all living creatures and taught them how to behave. Bunjil, through the Dreaming stories, taught all of creation to live in harmony.

We remember the Indigenous way of being where all is connected – land, spirit, people. To understand this we must understand the First Peoples’ relationship with the Creator Spirit, with the land and indeed with all of creation. Everything is sacred – the animals, plants, hills, mountains, trees, leaves, rocks, stones, river, lakes, oceans, everything. All have as much right to exist as we humans do. If we dishonour their right, we dishonour our own right to be.

MacKillop College honours the traditional owners of the land by presenting a portrayal of Bunjil the Eaglehawk, the totem of the traditional peoples on which the college is built.  Myndii, the great snake that punished unlawful behaviour and acted under the power of Bunjil is also included. The serpent links us to our Christian creation myths as it winds around a log from the Tenison Woods Tree, a tree under which Julian Tenison Woods and Mary MacKillop are said to have prayed.  The log itself sits on the image of a dove representing the breath of the Holy Spirit.


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