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Year 10 SACCSS Premier League – Round 3 Scores

Boys Basketball – MacKillop 41 def. Caroline Springs 19 Girls Basketball – MacKillop 68 def. Caroline Springs 5 Boys Football – MacKillop 19.9.123 def. Caroline Springs 0.0.0 Girls Netball – MacKillop 63 def. Caroline Springs 1 Boys Soccer – MacKillop 5 def. Caroline Springs 3 Girls Soccer – Caroline Springs 7 def. MacKillop 1 Boys… Read more »

Yr 9 Main Campus Olympics Competition

To get into the spirit of the Olympic Games Yr 9 students, on the main campus, have adopted a country for the duration of the games. They are taking part in a daily Olympics Quiz, as well as playing a number of lunchtime sporting acivities representing their countries. Volleyball was the first competition held this… Read more »

MacKillop Cake Decorating Competition

Last term, the students of the College were informed about the MacKillop Cake Decorating Competition. Over the Term 2 holidays, anyone wishing to participate were required to make either a cake or six cupcakes to decorate and bring in to school on the first day of Term 3. Ms. Mennie and Ms. Sidea received many… Read more »

Year 7 Da Vinci Decathlon

On Monday the 25th of June, 16 students from 7 Green travelled to Overnewton Anglican Community School for one of the 2012 Da Vinci Decathlon Regional Finals. The Da Vinci Decathlon is a competition which has ten challenges. The students were placed into two teams, the Tenison Woods and Mary MacKillop teams and given challenging… Read more »

Yr 10 VPP Reclink Football Grand Final

As part of the Yr 10 Vocational Pathways Program, ten students from the program are assisting Reclink in the running of their football Grand Final program. Reclink supports disadvantaged people in the community through sport and the arts. MacKillop students have supported Reclink in organising their football , cricket amd soccer programs events. Well done… Read more »

Year 7 Team Inservice Day

On June 14th the Year 7 Team spent an enriching and extremely worthwhile day at Williamstown in the convent, working with Steve Higham who led the way with the pilot program that was introduced to MacKillop last year called ‘The Four Rooms of Change’. Every single one of us was inspired to work with our… Read more »

Year 8 SACCSS Premier League – Round 4 results

Boys Basketball – MacKillop 65 def. Chisholm 38 Girls Basketball – MacKillop 56 def. Chisholm 4 Boys Football – MacKillop 22.9.141 def. Chisholm 3.1.19 Girls Netball – MacKillop 59 def. Chisholm 5 Boys Soccer – MacKillop 3 def. Chisholm 2 Girls Soccer – Chisholm 2 def. MacKillop 0 Boys Volleyball – MacKillop 3 def. Chisholm… Read more »

Yr 9 Transition Day

Students enjoyed a great day on Monday exploring their new campuses for Semester 2 and competing in the annual campus sports competitions.For the second year in a ror the Main Campus were the victors, but sportmanship and great spirt were the real winners.

Year 12 Theatre Studies presents “An Inspector Calls”

On June 25th and 26th, the Year 12 Theatre Studies class put on a wonderful and thought-provoking production of An Inspector Calls in the Moreno Arts Centre. The play written by English dramatist J. B. Priestley and was first performed in 1945 in the Soviet Union and 1946 in the UK. It is one of Priestley’s best known… Read more »