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SACCSS Chess results

On 15 August, 27 students represented MacKillop at the annual SACCSS Chess Tournament with the following results: Seniors – 2nd overall (Michael Trifilo 8th, Shane Joachim 10th, Mason Spagnolo 11th, Jason O’Neil 13th, Peter Mougos 17th) Inters – 5th overall (Sunny Pidtala 8th) Juniors – 9th overall (Mykola Curkowskyj 20th)

Yr 9 Class Art Competition

This week Yr 9 Main campus students participated in their class Art Competition. The quality of the art work was excellent, and is currently on display in the Winella building. The winner of the competition was Emma Rose Francavilla and Georgia Gardiner from 9 Maroon and 9 Silver, but the real winners were all the… Read more »

MacKillop Swimming Carnival

On Friday, 1st March, almost 400 students attended the annual MacKillop Swimming Carnival at the Werribee Outdoor Pool. Chisholm won the Swimming trophy for the fourth consecutive year, led by its champion swimmers, Andrew Jarvis and Natalie Vercher of Year 11. SCORES : 1. Chisholm – 672; 2. Knox – 446; 3. Flinders – 351;… Read more »

Caritas Coin Tower Competition

We would like to thank all the year 7 classes that participated in the coin tower competition, it was a big success. Together all the Year 7 classes that participated raised $319.25. In first place, congratulations to 7 Blue whose towers added up to a total of 64cm and raised a total of $76.45. In… Read more »

Yr 10 – Easter Egg decoration

Wednesday 27th of March was the homeroom vs homeroom egg colouring competition. There were 5 or 6 homerooms that competed for the end of year extravaganza prize. It was a very exciting environment with lots of activity. There were glitter pens, paint, foil and even fake moustaches. We were making hats out of foil and… Read more »

Yr 9 and 10 Leadership day

This year at Yr 9 and 10 there is a strong focus on developing our student leaders. The focus for this group will be how to make our Theme ‘Living Out Our College Vision” real to all students at Yr 9 and 10. To assist the leaders in this process they took part in the… Read more »

Yr 10 Wellbeing: Driver Safety – a responsibility not a right

On Wednesday 12 September all Yr 10 students attended a presentation as part of their Wellbeing unit, “Driver Safety: a Responsibility not a Right”. The students listened to a guest speaker Salina Nightingale. Salina became a paraplegic in a motor cycle accident six years ago. Her life story including before and after the accident was… Read more »

Student Leadership Day

Prospective School Captains for 2013 spent Friday 12 October at the convent of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Williamstown. Students participated in a variety of activities designed to explore different qualities of leadership and to get to know one another a little more. Mr Kennedy spoke with students about the significant responsibility that comes with… Read more »

Visit of Bishop Lako, Bishop of Southern Sudan

Yesterday, the College hosted Bishop Santo Lako, Bishop of Southern Sudan. Anumber of other visitors came including Monsignor Roko Taban, Fr. Samuel Akock and members of the Catholic Education Office. The Bishop is currently touring around Australia following the ordination of the first Sudanese born Australian priest, Deacon George Piech Meat. Bishop Santo Lako sought… Read more »

Yr 10 Leadership afternoon

The Year 10 Class Captains participated in activities to build their leadership capacity yesterday. We played games that drew a connection between communication, gratitude, service and leadership. The work of the afternoon centred around the up-coming Year 10 Reflection Day. Collectively, the class captains negotiated a theme for the year level mass and activities for… Read more »