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St Mary’s Lady Northcote Camp

Written by Gianni De Pasquale – 9 Purple  On Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 February, all St. Mary’s Campus students attended YMCA Lady Northcote in Glenmore for a two-day bonding experience. The overnight stay began with an introduction to most of the staff, before all students were separated into their cabin groups. We then leaped into the activities for Day… Read more »

St Marys Campus – Sustainability Day

On Friday the 21 February, the students at St Mary’s campus came together to celebrate what we know as Sustainability Day. This day is all about our environment and how we can keep the planet, and ourselves, healthy. We began the day watching a documentary/non-fiction film called ‘2040’, which is about climate change and the… Read more »

9Gold Queenscliff Excursion

On Friday 9 November 2018, Year 9Gold students from St Mary’s Campus, travelled to Queenscliff, where they consolidated what they learnt from the module Whose Mess is it Anyway? We spent some time at the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre, where Phil introduced many interesting facts about the marine life of Swan Bay and Port Phillip Bay…. Read more »

SMC: 9Ivory Excursion to Mary MacKillop

On Friday 2 November, St Mary’s Campus students from 9 Ivory attended the Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre for an intensive learning experience about the life of Mary MacKillop, the establishment of the Sisters of St Joseph, and the works the Sisters do both in Australia and overseas. Sister Judith and Sister Veronica were very informative… Read more »

St Mary’s 9 White Werribee South Tour

On Wednesday 28 February, students from 9 White spent the day learning about the wonderful area that Werribee South is. As part of our tour we walked along the waterfront at Campbell’s Cove discovering the simple architecture of the boat sheds that make them sustainable. Jess and Sarah also shared that Cunningham’s Road was named… Read more »

St Mary’s – Werribee Open Range Zoo

On Tuesday 13 June, Mrs. Mitchell, Ms. Collins and the students of 9 Teal from St Mary’s Campus, had an awesome experience at the Werribee Open Range Zoo. We spent the afternoon with Mr. Davin Kroeger, Keeper of the Savannah, on a tour of the Zoo. We saw the adorable lion cubs, Kibibi, Ndidi, Zuberia… Read more »

9 Teal Visits Local Farm

On Friday 26th May, the students of 9 Teal visited the family farm of classmate, Andrew Costa. Andrew, John, Susannah and Enza were welcoming and generous with their time, explaining to the class the processes involved in supplying markets with broccoli and cauliflower. Andrew took us on a tour of the farm explaining the different… Read more »

St. Mary’s Campus – Werribee South Tour

On Friday the 15th of July, the Year 9 students of St. Mary’s Campus went on an excursion to visit and experience the local attractions of Werribee South. Our first stop on the bus was Campbell’s Cove, which is located on the coast of Werribee South. The area is a government-owned crown land, which means land… Read more »

St Mary’s Campus ‘closing liturgy’

Today St Mary’s campus celebrated their ‘closing liturgy’ for Semester 1. The afternoon of celebrations commenced with a liturgy attended by Father Benneth and all members of the campus community. The liturgy allowed the students an opportunity to reflect on their semester and thank God for their unique experiences and deepened relationships. Celebrations continued with… Read more »