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Credibility in the art of research

In this the age of information it becomes harder for students to navigate their way through the plethora of information at their fingertips. Students need to develop their skill of evaluating everything they read with a contingent of questions in mind. Evaluating skills can be sorted into five base areas. Authority: Who is the author… Read more »

Digital Literacy – What does it mean?

If we consider the basic Wikipedia definition of digital literacy as referring to an individual’s ability to find, evaluate and compose clear information through writing and other mediums on various digital platforms, then we could be missing some critical elements of what it means to be digitally literate in the current century. According to Coldwell-Neilson… Read more »

Digital Literacy components

Wall and Ryan (2012) divide digital literacy into three components: one, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Literacy; two, Information Literacy; and three, Critical Literacy. ICT Literacy refers to the ability to use technological tools; Information Literacy refers to the skills to access, use, organise, create, present and evaluate information; while Critical Literacy refers to the… Read more »

Premiers’ Reading Challenge 2019

The Premiers’ Reading Challenge began in 2005 and since then more than 2.8 million students have read close on 48 million books. MacKillop College students, too, have been an integral part of this challenge for a number of years. Literacy and numeracy skills lay the foundation for success in learning and in life and the… Read more »

Library Homepage

Have you visited the Library home page recently? If not, take a look at the new format. The library catalogue appears first and foremost while you are still able to search for the library resources. Then, the existence of the two boxes, ‘Library LibGuide’ and ‘Reading Matters’, can lead students to all the resources available… Read more »

Take a book, share a book

In October this year, a man named Todd Bol died just weeks after a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. It is unlikely that you’ve ever heard of him – a family man from Wisconsin, who was passionate about communities and books. Yet the legacy he left behind earned him obituaries in the New York Times, The Washington… Read more »

Reading vs Study

Another term done, and it’s been great to see students and staff coming in for some holiday reading. Personally, I’ll be tackling a couple of dystopian series, assuming there are some still on the shelves by the end of the day. For our Year 12 students though, it’s all about study as their final exams… Read more »

The Great Book Swap

The Social Justice team have registered to do the Great Book Swap as part of Book Week this month. A fundraiser for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, the GBS promotes reading locally whilst raising funds for books for remote communities. This year they hope to raise $300,000 nationally. We are therefore seeking donations of books in… Read more »

Holiday Reading!

Sometimes, even the most avid reader can find it difficult to find the time to read. A recent survey of over 600 MacKillop College students in Years 7-10 revealed that 44% would like to read more than they currently do, the main impediment being a lack of time. Fortunately the school holidays present many of… Read more »

Too busy to read?

We often hear that modern life is too busy for reading. There are simply too many demands competing for our limited hours each day and whether a teacher, student or parent, we simply cannot afford the luxury of stopping everything to read. But what if we reframed reading as a necessity, rather than a luxury? … Read more »