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Year 10 / 11 Italian Excursion

On the 22nd of August 2012, 25 of the year 10 and 11 Italian students, Mrs Baggio, Mrs Rowlands and Ms Caligiuri were invited to attend a special movie screening of ‘Italy: Love it or Leave it’ at Xavier College in Kew. At 12.40pm we boarded the buses and made our 1 hour journey to… Read more »

Romeo and Juliet – A Performance to Remember

This term, as a part of our Year 10 English course we have been looking at Shakespeare and his work. Romeo and Juliet is a marvellous play that William Shakespeare wrote. I have loved reading, performing and watching Romeo and Juliet. I have learnt about William Shakespeare’s language and the rhymes he used in his… Read more »

Music Industry Skills students excel at school gig!

Congratultions to the Yr 12 Music Industry Tech Production students who put together a very smooth and professional gig yesterday. They spent hours setting up the PA and mixing gear, and had our guest band sounding superb. Thank you to Masketta Fall for taking the time to come in and perform, and further thanks to… Read more »

Year 11 Surf Coast Walk

The Year 11 Outdoor Ed students went on a three day adventure to Anglesea and completed a treasure hunt using a GPS to guide them along a coastal walk from Anglesea to Torquay passing the famous Bells Beach and seeing some amazing views along the way. The trip was finished with a rewarding Sit on… Read more »

Year 10 Outdoor Ed Great Ocean Walk

The Yr 10 Outdoor Ed class completed a breathtaking walk along the Great Ocean Walk all 31km of it in 3 days. A rewarding journey lead by the students who planned and prepared their own meals and navigated themselves along the trail. Well done to all. See the website Gallery > Outdoor Education for more… Read more »

Annual Dante Alighieri Poetry Competition

On the 29th of May, 75 Italian students from years 9 – 12, took part in the annual ‘Dante Alighieri Poetry Competition’.This is a competition where our Italian students have the opportunity to recite an Italian poem.  It is not necessarily a poem written by Dante Alighieri himself, but from a variety of Italian poets…. Read more »

Year 12 Theatre Studies presents “An Inspector Calls”

On June 25th and 26th, the Year 12 Theatre Studies class put on a wonderful and thought-provoking production of An Inspector Calls in the Moreno Arts Centre. The play written by English dramatist J. B. Priestley and was first performed in 1945 in the Soviet Union and 1946 in the UK. It is one of Priestley’s best known… Read more »

VCE Music Night success

Congratulations to Mr McLaughlin and our Yr 11 and 12 VCE Music Performance students for putting on a wonderful display of talent and musical skill at our VCE Music night. Well done to all involved! Our best wishes are with you on your journey towards your end of year performance examinations. Go to the MacKillop… Read more »

Year 7 Working in our digital workplace

During semester one Year Seven students undertake a program in their Humanities and English classes where they are provided with a chance to develop their digital literacy skill. These skills are transferable across a number of domain areas and encourage our students to work safely with digital technologies while learning. The following student reflection further… Read more »