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08 August 2017 by

Media Captains

We are progressively working on making a video on the development of the school over the past years. We are also working with the SRC in the creation of a photo booth for the Year 11 activity involved in SRC WEEK.

Environmental Captains

Eco Mack has been quite busy recently with the addition of the chickens we are still learning many things and it is helping us to understand how to be more sustainable. We have put in a proposal that will highlight the sustainability focus with the College theme for this year: “Peace for our Common Home”.

Band Captains

Bands and ensembles have continued to rehearse their repertoires in preparation for Annual Music Night on Tuesday 12th of September. Taking place between now and then, there will be several performances by a number of our bands and ensembles as part of our Recital Series, which will be something to look forward to.

College Captains

Throughout Term Three, we are hoping to sell Thank You and Who Gives a Crap Products. SRC members plan to sell the products not only on MacKillop Day but also during lunchtimes prior to the day. During SRC week representatives from each year level will be organizing activities to raise funds for Joseph’s Corner such as an Op Shop, Kahoot Quiz, and Photo Booth.

Visual Art Captains

The wonderful members of the Art Committee and the participation of students have contributed greatly to our Nativity Project. We still encourage new members to join and enjoy a project of painting that will be eventually be displayed within our surrounding community. The Nativity Project is opened to all from Monday to Friday, every Lunchtime in JC3!

Music Captains

Commencing the term, the Music Captains have been recently assisted in our weekly Open Mic Fridays and the MacKillop Rocks! Battle of the Bands competition in which both have been huge successes. We are currently preparing and anticipating our annual Music Week allowing us to display our talented students across the College from year 7 to 12.

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