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29 June 2017 by

College Captains

Term 2 has been a term of organising and planning for the College Captains. We are in the process of organising the SRC Week and the Year 12 Picnic for Term 3. We also plan to sell ThankYou Products and Who Gives a Crap Products on MacKillop Day!

Music Captains

Term 2 for the music department has been an eventful term including evening entertainment nights, competitions and school events such as MackStars, Exhibition Night, Band Camp, VCE Music and ongoing Open Mics during lunchtimes. For the upcoming term, we have an exciting array of events including Music Week and Annual Music Night, as well as ongoing performance opportunities for the Year 10-12 students.

Wellbeing Captains

Term 2 has been successful for the Wellbeing Captains, with the Sanctuary running every Wednesday at lunchtime in the Sacred Space. We have a new, exciting event that will be happening in Term 3, listen out to here our new program!

Social Justice Captains

This term the Social Justice Captains have begun planning the Vinnies Winter Sleep-out which will be held in the first week back of Term 3. We have planned activities that will hopefully educate those in attendance about the harsh realities of homelessness. We also plan to collect food, blankets and clothing to donate to St Vinnies.

Visual Arts Captain

Near the end of the term, the Art Committee has been completing a nativity project, which has been an exciting experience for all creatives and non-creatives in our College. The nativity project is always available for all students to participate, and we encourage more to join next term, in our lunchtime sessions, from Monday to Friday, in JC3.

Band and Ensemble Captains

This term we have been preparing all ensemble groups in preparation for the recording of the School CD.

Performing Arts Captains

Recently, the Performing Arts Captains have been organising the ‘Performing Arts Week’, which will be held in September promoting multiple activities at lunchtime including ‘Thank God You’re Here’.

Media Captains

The media captains are working on the 2017 yearbook as well as making a video for Mr. Rickard based on the development of the school over the years.

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