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21 March 2017 by

“Learning brings hope. It is a journey of endless possibilities engaging our students to ask questions about contemporary life. It engenders a hope that is based on the certainty of God’s promise of his love and care for us.” – Most Rev Denis J Hart DD

On the March 2nd , Ms Howell and four Year 11 students: Harrison Merrifield, Archana Srinath, Natasha Paramena and myself attended the Archbishop’s Conversation with Student Leaders at St. Kevin’s College in Toorak, Melbourne. There we met student leaders from other Catholic schools and discussed the conference theme of being “Courageous”.
The four of us were split into groups where we answered questions to further explore the importance of courage and how it is very much needed in our current society. Questions like “How as a leader, have you shown courage?” and “How can we as youths of today, be courageous to others?” arose and we discussed them one by one, with open minds and listened to others with their different opinions.
We also had the honour of meeting Archbishop Denis Hart and gained insight into how his role as Archbishop plays a part in the wide community of Catholics in Melbourne. We were able to ask him questions such as any hardships he may have, his opinion on relevant issues in society (a female’s role in Catholicism), and many more that he answered with wisdom, wit and equitable responses.
The day gave me an opportunity to see a new perspective on the idea of courage. I realized that countless people in the world are so resilient and strong and manage to be courageous in the aftermath of a hardship in their life. As a born and raised Catholic I personally was able to connect with the stories that were shared, and how they all viewed their hardships as having a purpose to get closer to others and God. It was definitely a day full of newfound understanding and it was lovely meeting youths like myself from other schools to gather to discuss things relevant to not exclusively youth, but all of society.
By Angelica Marasigan – 11 Gold

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