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ANZAC Cup Football and Netball Results

24 April 2012 by

On Tuesday, the Senior Football and Netball teams both won their Anzac Cup clashes with St Monica’s.

Senior Football – MacKillop 9.7.61 def. St Monica’s 4.12.36
Goals: H.King 2, L.McMahon 2, L.Cachia 2, J.Grubb 1, J.Harris 1, H.Acciarito 1.
Best: N.Jones, P.O’Brien, B.Monk, A.Court, K.Delaney, H.King, N.Coyne

Senior Netball – MacKillop 30 def. St Monica’s 21
Goals: A.Brunato 24, L.Vercher 3, A.Giarrusso 2, T.Karcoushkas 1.
Best: L.Vercher, A.Brunato, S.Kearney

Well done to all students in both teams.
Next game against Salesian at Sunbury next Tuesday.


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