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AJASS Student Pilgrimage to Tasmania

29 March 2017 by

“On Wednesday the 22nd of March, 5 year 10s students and I ventured on a pilgrimage to follow in the footsteps of Father Julian Tension Woods. Never did we realize the profound experience that we could obtain by journey through Van Diemen’s land. The breathtaking scenery, the rich history and the opportunity for prayer and reflection made for a very rich and privileged experience for us all.” – Claire Louden (Year 10 Coordinator)

“Though I started this trip with the intention of forming a better connection with my schools history, I got much more out it. I got to see places I had never seen before, have new experiences, visit the most beautiful churches and sacred spaces and create the most memorable memories with the lifelong friends I made along the way. This is what made this pilgrimage special.” – Holly Silvester 10 Gold

“It was amazing being able to visit all of the specific locations relevant to Fr Julian Tenison Woods’ journey, along with having the privilege to visit some of the historical buildings and view some of the priceless artifacts. Being able to experience firsthand all that Mary Mackillop and Fr Julian had accomplished throughout their travels around Tasmania was an invaluable experience. It was a very well organised journey which involved many enjoyable bonding activities including the Tahune Airwalk and the creepy Ghost Tour. It was such a great way to explore another area of our country while meeting and making new friends within the Catholic Faith.” – Marcus Walsh 10 Gold

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