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A SmartHER Wyndham

09 November 2018 by

On Friday 19 October, 11 female students from Years 7 and 8 attended the SmartHER Wyndham Challenges initiative. This is a new partnership between Wyndham City Council and Wyndham Tech School, and was hosted at the recently opened Wyndham Tech School (located at Victoria University, in Hoppers Crossing).

Our student teams were encouraged to select a challenge from four categories: Liveability, Environment and Sustainability, Art, and Road Safety and Traffic. They then worked throughout the day to design a solution to the challenge. This involved creating a prototype of the proposed solution, and then having to deliver a 5-minute pitch on their innovative solution.

One of our teams from MacKillop College won the Art category. Their model proposed the idea of an interactive artwork that would be activated by movement sensors triggered by pedestrians. They also envisioned that the interactive artwork would present information about multiculturalism in Werribee, using Council datasets.

Unfortunately, this team didn’t win the final,  but placed runners-up in the Top 4. While our team missed out on winning, it was a fantastic learning experience, and all of the girls gained a lot from doing the design challenge, especially having the opportunity to watch other students from other schools present their ideas as well.

Congratulations to Enuri Koralagamage, Ashreye Chopra, Devika Sanjeev and Rose Mathew on their Art category win, and to Meera Vellayan, Bridget Bruno, Anastasia Kusmawan, Kayla Larbi, Ruby Korbut, Zaina Mutende and Isabela Padilla for their very competitive designs. All received lots of compliments from the judges.

In addition to the challenge event, students also viewed an exhibit titled “STEMpowered: great women In STEM.” STEMpowered features a range of great women working in STEM today. Their work showcases a diversity of careers, approaches, ideas and fields across games development, wearable technology, environmental science, engineering, cancer research, food waste, genetics, biotech, nanotechnology, mathematics and more. For further information, head to https://herplacemuseum.com/stempowered/

Students were also privileged to meet Professor Vasso Apostolopoulos, a Professorial Research Fellow at the Institute for Health and Sport at Victoria University who grew up in the Western suburbs. She is recognised for her extensive research work in cancer, vaccine development and immunology and its immense value to global health.

The students were our first MacKillop students to visit the Tech School, and really enjoyed their time there, relishing the chance to be creative and use such a fantastic venue. As one of the partner schools of the Wyndham Tech School, we look forward to further experiences there in the near future.

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