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9 Teal Visits Local Farm

31 May 2017 by

On Friday 26th May, the students of 9 Teal visited the family farm of classmate, Andrew Costa. Andrew, John, Susannah and Enza were welcoming and generous with their time, explaining to the class the processes involved in supplying markets with broccoli and cauliflower. Andrew took us on a tour of the farm explaining the different stages from planting to harvesting and packing. We walked some distance to see the water channel and dam and learned how the farm accesses water. Andrew showed us a ‘baby’ cauliflower compared to a full-grown head. The difference was amazing. Andrew used a knife to cut some cauliflower and we ate some while watching the harvesting of more. We saw the packing of broccoli into boxes containing ice in readiness for transporting to local and interstate supermarkets. Who knew the farms of Werribee South were supplying other States with their broccoli and cauliflower? We were so surprised to hear that. As we were leaving John and Enza gave us some broccoli and cauliflower seedlings to plant in our vegetable garden at St Mary’s Campus. Upon our return, Mrs Price, Andrew, Dwaine, Ater and Ramzi planted the seedlings while the rest of the class sampled some of the vegetables that Susannah generously gave us to take back to SMC. Everyone agreed it was an awesome excursion!

Written by the students of 9 Teal.

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