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7 Teal Science: Planting Trees at Skeleton Creek

02 August 2017 by

On Monday 26th of June, we had the opportunity to go down to Skeleton Creek and plant trees for the inhabitants of the exiting ecosystem along with Mrs. Moore and Mr. Moore. The site is not far from the school, it took about ten minutes for Mr Sindoni to drive us there.

During our time at Skeleton Creek we planted trees, watered them and put mulch around them. This all contributed to helping and saving birds from predators around the suburb. Together we planted 200 trees! During our lunch break we were allowed to go to Capra and get some food. When the trees we planted grow to full size they become a bird habitat. Birds will be able to make nests in the trees and hide there, thus saving the bird population from predators such as foxes who will try to eat them. This is a worthy cause as it saves the Melbourne bird population. During our time, we learned about the skills it take to take care of trees.

All of our class had a great time while we were there as we had to work together to get it all finished. We learned life skills and we collaborated to get the job done. It was a fantastic opportunity, and a great way to spend time and help Gerard Morel, the Werribee Catchment Waterways and Land Officer from Melbourne Water, to provide these birds with a safe home.


By Matthew, Ryan, Jack, Eric, Shevon, Jur and Liz from 7 Teal











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