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2020 Safer Internet Day

11 February 2020 by

Safer Internet Day is calling all internet users to collaborate, reflect and discuss their internet usage patterns to inspire a positive change in online safety. The year’s theme, “Together for a better internet”, focuses particularly on the importance of a communal effort and encourages everyone to start the conversation about how we can improve the online environment.

The Australian eSafety Commissioner challenges young people to talk to old and the frequent internet users to talk to those less experienced, in order to raise awareness and to create a better understanding of emerging online issues across a variety of groups; it is only together that we can create a better internet for everyone.

Some important tips include to think of others’ feelings, to ask for permission before posting content of others, to be an upstander, to use privacy and screen time, and to ask for help when needed.

What will you do to start the conversation and to make the internet a safer place?

For more information, and some helpful resources click the below link:  https://www.esafety.gov.au/safer-internet-day/families

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