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eSafety while Learning and Communicating Online

26 August 2020 by

As stage four restrictions have brought us to an extended period of remote education, it is important that students remember eSafety while learning and communicating online. Students’ efforts so far are to be commended, with teachers reporting that high levels of dedication to online Zoom classes are being put in by most. However, students should stay alert and continue to practice an eSmart attitude, being aware of their actions and the actions of others in online spaces.

This starts with keeping engaged and setting up a study space appropriate for video conferencing, online Zoom classes and calls. Students should ensure they are appropriately dressed, are ready on time and are sitting in a quiet space, ideally with a blank wall behind them before beginning their classes. This will protect students’ privacy and give them the best opportunity to engage with their school work.

Students should also remember the College expectations when learning online. Rules on behaviour, participation and completion of work in the online environment are the same as those in the physical classroom. Similarly, students should treat each other with respect and dignity online, just as they would face-to-face.

If students are feeling overwhelmed or threatened online, it is essential they stay calm and reach out for assistance so they do not have to deal with the situation alone. This can be done by talking to a parent/guardian, trusted adult, staff member or by making a report to the eSafety Commissioner.

For more tips and resources on how to be eSmart, please visit the eSafety website. We look forward to your continued support and another successful term of eSafe online learning.




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