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Procedures for Learning Continuity – Parent Information

14 April 2020 by


  • Your son/daughter will receive an Attendance email at 8:40am for their readiness for the days classes. If they do not reply to their homeroom teacher by 9:15am, you will receive an absence SMS.
  • Both you and your son/daughter will receive a Subject email prior to 9:00am every day for every class they would normally have. Each email will contain a Learning Continuity Form, which will outline the intentions and learning sequence for the lesson. See the blank example below.
  • Your son/daughter will also receive a Community Outreach Call on a weekly basis to gauge how they are managing.

How you can help

  • Encourage and support your son/daughter’s work – including:
    • 1) finding an appropriate place to work with minimal distractions
    • 2) helping establish a routine and supporting their subject teacher’s expectations
    • 3) provide a level of supervision appropriate to your son/daughter’s development and in consideration of your own obligations
    • 4) check that set work is completed by the end of each day.
  • Partner with and contact the relevant subject teachers if there are any learning concerns.
  • Monitor communications from teachers.
  • Partner with and contact the relevant homeroom teacher, if there are wellbeing concerns.
  • Remember, it is a three-way partnership and we are here to help.
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