SACCSS Year 7 Premier League Grand Final results

On Wednesday 12 June, three teams played in Year 7 Premier League Grand Finals.

The Boys’ Basketball team had a hard-fought two point win over Salesian, while the Boys’ Football team became the first Year 7 team to win a Premier League Football premiership when they defeated arch-rivals Salesian by 36 points in wet conditions at MacKillop.

Unfortunately the Girls’ Basketball team went down by two points in a thrilling finish when an Emmanuel player shot a three pointer with only seconds remaining.

Boys Basketball – MacKillop 33 def. Salesian 31
Girls Basketball – Emmanuel 37 def. MacKillop 35
Boys Football – MacKillop 8.5.53 def. Salesian 2.5.17

SACCSS Year 7 Premier League Grand Final schedule

Three teams will play in Year 7 Premier League Grand Finals on Wednesday 12 June.
Boys Basketball v. Salesian at Eagle Stadium (1.00pm start)
Girls Basketball v. Emmanuel at Eagle Stadium (1.15pm start)
Boys Football v. Salesian at MacKillop (1.00 pm start)

Good luck to all three teams in their respective Grand Finals.

SACCSS Year 7 Premier League Semi-Final results

Boys Basketball – MacKillop 53 def. Penola 32
Girls Basketball – MacKillop 43 def. Penola 33

Boys Football – MacKillop 17.11.113 def. St Monica’s 2.1.13

Girls Netball – Salesian 33 def. MacKillop 20

*The three winning teams will play in Grand Finals next Wednesday, 12 June.

Changes to PTV Timetables

As of Monday 29 July 2019, the following school bus runs will be scheduled at 10 minutes earlier:

  • Riverdene 1 to MacKillop College – depart Hogans/Harmony Drive at 07:20
    (currently 07:30)
  • Manor Lakes to MacKillop College – depart Wyndham Vale station at 07:30
    (currently 07:40)
  • Double decker 190 from Wyndham Vale departing at 07:49 (currently 08:00) to
    Werribee station then depart Werribee station at 08:05 to MacKillop College

These changes are being implemented due to increased traffic congestion and the buses currently not arriving on time at Werribee Secondary. As such, the alterations to earlier start time was necessary.

The Riverdene and Manor Lakes artic buses are scheduled to arrive prior to 8am (07:50 & 07:55 respectively), as they are required to operate a Werribee Secondary service immediately after the MacKillop drop off.

Werribee Sth 1 & 2  have not been altered due to being DET runs.

Due to the contractual arrangements of four runs that are governed by the Department of Education and Training (DET) and Public Transport Victoria (PTV) under the School Bus Program, these services will not be adjusted in time for the 29 July 2019 timetable change. CDC Victoria is working with PTV to ensure that these will be adjusted by Term 4 2019.

Year 12 Theatre Studies get the Cloudstreet experience!

The Year 12 Theatre Studies class had an amazing experience as they got to see the epic four-hour production of Cloudstreet at the Malthouse Theatre.

They play, based on the classic novel by Tim Winton and directed by Matthew Lutton, is on the VCE Theatre Studies list and follows the lives of two families – the Pickles and the Lambs – as they battle numerous hardships in Western Australia over a twenty year period.

The students were also lucky to catch up with two of the actors after the show, Ian Michael (The Storyteller) and Guy Simon (Quick Lamb) who shared some stories and insights into the production process – in particular, how they managed to fill the stage with water and turn it into the Margaret river!

Students are now tasked to write about the experience as part of their Outcome 3.3 next week.

SACCSS Year 7 Premier League Semi-Finals

Four teams will play in Year 7 Premier League Semi-Finals on Wednesday 5 June.
*Boys Basketball v. Penola at Eagle Stadium (1.15pm start)
*Girls Basketball v. Penola at Broadmeadows Stadium (1.30pm start)
*Boys Football v. St Monica’s at MacKillop (1.10pm start)
*Girls Netball v. Salesian at Boardman Stadium Sunbury (1.15pm start)

SACCSS Year 7 Premier League results – Round 5

Boys Basketball – MacKillop 48 def. Chisholm 32
Girls Basketball – MacKillop 19 def. Chisholm 16

Girls Netball – MacKillop 77 def. Chisholm 2

Boys Soccer – MacKillop 4 drew Chisholm 4
Girls Soccer – MacKillop 2 def. Chisholm 1

Boys Volleyball – Chisholm 3 def. MacKillop 2
Girls Volleyball – Chisholm 3 def. MacKillop 2

*NOTE: Semi-Finals will be played on Wednesday 5 June.
Details to be confirmed.

SACCSS Senior Football scores – Round 4

SENIOR BOYS: Salesian 13.8.86 def. MacKillop 6.4.40
Goals – J.Busuttil 1, C.Atkinson 1, A.Rappazzo 1, N.Shaw 1, M.Grubb 1, K.Andrews 1
Best players – K.Andrews, H.Blake, K.Capovilla, J.Cochrane, J.Busuttil, M.Casale

SENIOR GIRLS: Salesian 6.1.37 def. MacKillop 2.1.13
Goals – J.Wilson 1, E.Moodie 1
Best players – L.Grieve, R.Hatcher, M.Bol, J.Carey, E.Desira

SACCSS Year 7 Premier League results – Round 4

Boys Basketball – MacKillop 60 def. CRC Caroline Springs 24
Girls Basketball – MacKillop 38 def. CRC Caroline Springs 16

Boys Football – MacKillop 16.11.107 def. CRC Caroline Springs 0.1.1

Girls Netball – MacKillop 41 def. CRC Caroline Springs 12

Boys Soccer – CRC Caroline Springs 4 def. MacKillop 3
Girls Soccer – CRC Caroline Springs 15 def. MacKillop 0

Boys Volleyball – MacKillop 3 def. CRC Caroline Springs 0
Girls Volleyball – MacKillop 3 def. CRC Caroline Springs 0