Notebook Program

Each Year 7 and 10 students will receive a notebook as a part of their learning at MacKillop College. This notebook program is a school-owned model whereby the student borrows a MacKillop personal notebook for a three year period. They will have 24/7 access to the notebook and the student is responsible for the care and security of the notebook. For those students entering the school during Year 8,11 they will be given access to the equivalent notebook of the year level they enter.

Each notebook has an extended 3 year warranty, 3 year insurance ($250 excess), education carry case and a school specific software image.

Essential Information for Parents/Guardians and Students involved in the Notebook Program


Year 7 & 10 Information and Agreement Kit (2018)

Student Notebook Borrowing Form (Signature required)

Signature Required: Must be signed and returned to College by Friday November 10, 2017. No notebook or network access will be allocated to any 2018 Year 7 /10 students unless both Student Acceptable Use and Borrowing Forms are returned signed.


Parent/Guardian Notebook Information Night

Frequently Asked Questions


Care and Security

Notebook Care and Security (49 kB .PDF File)

Anderledy ICCT Centre Contact Information (Notebook Support)

Subject / Type of enquiry

Notebook Insurance and Repair Invoicing Enquiries

MacKillop Accountancy Team
Telephone: (03) 8734 5200