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eSmart Week

MacKillop students present a short movie about the dangers of online scamming.   eSmart skit by Lachlan, Noah, Shah, Dylan and William from MacKillop College

Privacy Awareness Week

Privacy Awareness Week runs from the 15th to the 19th of May. MacKillop College encouraged our community to engage with this year’s theme which was “Trust and Transparency”. To read more about the rights and responsibilities concerning personal privacy (especially online) go to the Australian Government’s Information Commissioner’s website for more  information. At our school we… Read more »

Safer Internet Day

MacKillop College is an eSmart school, whereby the safe and responsible use of information technologies is practiced. The eSmart program equips staff, students and the wider community with the knowledge to promote and practice in a cyber safe environment. In 2017, MacKillop College will be continuing the next stage of the eSmart journey, to further… Read more »

Cyber Safety at Home

As we continue our parenting, mentoring, guiding, loving and teaching our young, we hope that the MacKillop community has a restful and safe holiday period. With most families having multiple connected devices such as tablets (iPads, Galaxy etc), now is a good time to remind our community of the benefits of healthy social media use…. Read more »

eSmart Week at MacKillop College

Last week MacKillop College participated in eSmart Week which is an initiative of the “The Alannah and Madeline Foundation” and together with hundreds of other schools around Australia, we stopped to consider how we can raise awareness of cybersafety and digital literacy, as well as reduce cyberbullying and increase the smart, safe and responsible use… Read more »

Parent’s guide to Pokemon Go

The recent phenomenon of Pokemon Go has reached MacKillop College and various cyber safety authorities have made comment about the excitement that this has generated as well as the concerns. Our recent cyber safety guest presenter Brett Lee, has shared his comments for parents. We include the article for your interest by clicking on the Parent’s… Read more »

Year 10 Wellbeing Day: Cyber-Safety Presentation

During the recent Year 10 Wellbeing Day we gathered as a year level in the Moreno Centre for a session with our Cyber-Safety / eSmart guest speaker, Mr. Brett Lee. Mr. Lee was a fantastic speaker due to the fact that all of the stories he shared with us on how to stay safe online,… Read more »

Privacy Awareness Week

Privacy Awareness Week is running between the 15th – 21st of May. A number of activities are being organised at MacKillop College to promote keeping personal information private while using technology. Key messages about privacy and internet safety will be on display for our community via the school’s intranet, Resource Centre display and school blog. Digital… Read more »

Safer Internet Day 2014

February 11th is Safer Internet Day and aims to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people across the world. The online safety landscape has evolved over recent years from a focus on creating a ‘safer’ internet to creating a ‘better’ internet. This year’s Safer… Read more »

National eSmart Week at MacKillop College

From Monday 7 to Friday 11 of September, MacKillop College along with hundreds of other schools around Australia, participated in the inaugural National eSmart Week. As an initiative of “The Alannah and Madeline Foundation” this week aimed to celebrate and raise awareness of cybersafety and digital literacy, as well as reduce cyberbullying and increase the… Read more »